Nudges from Greece


My recent days have been filled with intense and scattered bouts of reading (from Jeffrey Sachs to Mary Oliver to US Weekly), the writing and re-writing of lists, the stacking and un-stacking of stuff.  How did so much stuff accumulate in my bedroom (and spill into the rest of my poor parents’ house)?  Do I really need to keep my notes from Econometrics, fall of 2006?  How many cardigans are too many cardigans?  And for the love of Zeus, when did I buy the first season of Designing Women on DVD?

In addition to generating concern about my latent consumerist tendencies, this process has unearthed a number of warm memories.  In my last post, I mentioned a formative traveling experience from my teenage years, and posted a photo I found in my bedroom rubble of my grandfather and myself in Ireland.  Another travel experience has floated to the surface…

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