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Milan’s Greece trip – Beer & Sausage

Milan's beer & sausageLast night we had a really nice time with friends and family here in Thessaloniki. John and I were finishing a painting we were creating for a church community. They just moved into a new building they renovated, and have a really great space right in the center of an artist community. We are pleased and honored that one of our paintings will have a place on their wall.

After the meeting a few of us went out to a nearby eclectic restaurant that specializes in fine beers from all around Europe and exotic home-made sausage. They had 2 menus. One for food and one for beer. John thought momentarily as he gazed at the beer menu that he was teleported to heaven. The restaurant was decorated in what looked to me like a combination of Persian/Bohemian decor utilizing every thing pertaining to beer as visual aesthetic. Thirteen of us sat outside the restaurant on the sidewalk at three different tables joined together. One was Barbie pink. John sat with the beer menu dicing through it, weighing his options, thinking it through, as if he were making a life decision. We all ordered our beer. I ordered a Czechoslovakian beer Gunilla recommended. John still couldn’t decide. Then the waiter came to the table with a giant board of homemade sausage. It was piled in a heap, every color shape and size, with twine and string hanging off the ends. You could smell the sausage even uncooked and it was amazing!

All of us said, no we were passing on the sausage and only having a beer. then a couple from the group folded and broke down and ordered a spicy sausage. The kids split a spaghetti and meatballs and chicken breast fillet with potatoes. We all tried the spicy sausage trying to figure out exactly how spicy it was. It was quite the debate. My girls definitely thought it was spicy as they were desperate to cool their mouth on yucky beer! John still could not decide on which beer to choose. He tasted everyone’s beer at the table and FINALLY decided on something red. I think he could have stayed there all week trying beers. The kids food came and smelled and looked great. I tried Dafni’s spaghetti and it might have been the best spaghetti I have ever tasted. Seriously, it was so different, cheesy, kind of malt tangy, and very full flavored, and perfect amount of saltiness. Sooooo good! I never tried it, but as I heard from the end of the table, Dino and Dalia’s chicken was also good. After this we ordered the “black” sausage. At first I was a little worried about it, but then I heard someone say “beef”. When it came and I tasted the black sausages I was transported! It was by farrrrrrrrrrr, no contest, not even remotely close to any other sausage I have ever tasted, amazingly, incredibly, intensely good. I didn’t even know sausage could taste that like. I can’t even describe the flavor. It was like dense ribeye steak, infused with all kinds of spices and flavors, like cumin, garlic,……. oh forget it, there is no way, I could figure out what spices tasted like what I tasted. But I wish some how I could remember that flavor forever.

It was a really fun night at a quirky restaurant in the city with some really great people all with a sense of humor. I am thankful for the experience.

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